Exposed (Diary Entry #34, 2015) [Chapter 3]

This one is going to be long. Feel free to skip over it. But feel free to read if you like thought experiments.

First off, never google for “the best lock smith in my city” (or a lawyer), unless you are 100% positive Google wants you to find a great lock smith (as opposed to a super shitty one that steals your money). Sometimes they (Google) want you to have a shitty one that overcharges and does a terrible job. And makes spare keys for their friends. Do no evil Google. Do no evil.

Or, do evil, but only if the NSA tells you to cause the NSA is God. And by the NSA, I mean, Zuckerberg is God. He knows every connection between 2 billion people. Pretty close to approaching omniscient, IMO. And the 6th richest person in the world to top it off. Not counting his Bitcoin holdings. Facebook literally prints money.

Heard even some of the top trading firms in the… entire world… also make a bit of coin. Dirty. SEC knows about this?

Thought experiment: What if a (very very) low down employee of Google accused the CEO of Google of sexual harassment. He loves his job. And makes a decent wage. But if he files the lawsuit, he’ll lose the job for sure. Maybe even get blacklisted?

The employee needs to find a lawyer. So, after a week goes by of pondering if they are going to fight this uphill battle, or not, they finally Google “best lawyer in Mountain View”. They call the first 20 law firms that come up. Compare them all.

But is it in the best interest of the company to return the best result?

What if the lawsuit brings irreparable damage to the reputation of the firm (Google) and the CEO? Could that hurt shareholder value?

What is the judiciary responsibility of Google in this thought experiment? Is the judiciary / fiduciary responsibility of “The Google” to the shareholders or to the employee trying to use the service as it is presented to the customer?

For “Google” to return the best search result, the best lawyer, to the customer of Google searching for a lawyer and expecting consistent results? Or to the shareholders, by making it more difficult for the employee to bring their case by always returning super shitty lawyers in the first 100 pages.

What if the employee presents irrefutable digital evidence to the judge? What if Brock Turner’s Dad pays off that judge?
Personally, it took me two lawyers to get out when I was locked up. Obviously when you are locked up in a foreign country, you really only have only one choice: lmgtfy.

Or at least Google is your 2nd choice, when the US embassy stops returning your phone calls. Even though you played (American) football with the Governors son in high school. And graduated next to him. And even was his Junior Class Secretary for a while.

Aka, 2020 US Presidential Candidate, Jay Inslee. Shouldn’t have backed Hillary. Stupid stupid move. Should have backed Bernie. I tried to warn Skylar, but then he ghosted me too for almost 9 months. Finally returned a text message 2 months after the election trauma set in.

I never name drop, so I don’t really actually expect Jay Inslee to be personally aware of my international case. Or blame him for not being aware at the time. Obviously human trafficking is a very serious issue, and it would be superficial and ignorant…
…and dramatic to call being locked in a cage for 2 months, without criminal charges “human trafficking”.

Then again… there is the geneva convention.

And if iIwas to traffic humans… I would probably put them in a cage for transport back to whatever country they are being sent / deported / purchased. Makes sense. Private prisons are real people. At least in America.

The second lawyer I hired was more expensive than the first. Obviously, when the first lawyer stole 2000 euros from me, and then ghosted me, I realized what happened. The 2nd one I called through a friend of a friend. Of a friend. He was much more expensive unfortunately. But I got released the next day. Two days later to be precise. Get the assets in place first.

I called them both the same day though, just to see which would fuck me. Pretty sure one of them would.
It’s called a Sybil attack ( It’s named after the first girl ever to be diagnosed with “multiple personality disorder.”

That psychiatrist later withdrew her diagnosis and called it a “mistake”. True story. Yet “multiple personality disorder” is till in the DSM5. Which is literally more fictional, than the Bible.


The Bible gives power to a certain subset of people over another certain subset of people.
So does the DSM5.
Fuck the DSM5.

I was referred to the top psychiatrist in all of Amsterdam (and the Netherlands). Perhaps the same one that denied my original release? Or not… I mean… obviously the psychiatry community is very small and doctors obviously hang out with doctors.

He also withdrew my “bipolar” diagnosis. But not until two years later, when it didn’t actually fucking matter.
My life was already completely fucked.

Ali, Mahmoud, Dirk, Iggy, I love you guys! Call me maybe? I still live in half of your neighborhoods. Half Chicago / Half Amsterdam. Equals.

I prefer to call myself schizophrenic, as I find it to be a more tolerated word in English. At least there is a sleight chance people perceive you as a mad genius if they call you a schizophrenic.

Bipolar is literally just a word that ruins peoples lives, with the flick of a pen. Takes 2 seconds to sign a sheet of paper.
Bipolar is one of the most derogatory words in the English language. The words needs to be phased out.

It offends me in the same way other words might offend people.
Words needed to be phased out “Marijuana” (Racist Reference?) -> “Canabis” (Chill Hipster)

Time for the word “Bipolar” to go. Forever.

I mean no offense to people who know real “schizophrenics.” I am only giving my small small perspective.

Do I hear voices? Yes. Of course. We all do. Everyday. The people around you. Try to listen more. There is more than 1 way to communicate.

I speak English differently in Seattle vs LA vs Chicago. I dress differently too. But seriously. Fuck psychiatrists. Legal drug dealing is 15% of the American economy? For real?

Literally telling me to my face, that Monica Lynn is a “delusion” of mine. L OH FUCKING L. Maybe if you had more than 5 minutes, to let me do a bit of fact checking…

It wouldn’t have taken 2 fucking months. Or maybe the more fact checking you did, the longer it took. Cause he for real? Can’t be. Can it?

Especially when psychiatrists say dumb shit on audio tape. Sucks when they don’t know its legal to record, cause the law had only been changed to one-party consent 2 months before in 2015.

That psychiatrist… she lost 2 seconds of her life. I lost 2 months of my life. Geneva convention is supposed to prevent this shit.

Habeas Corpus.

He also stated (with my iPhone on the table. As always.) that it was an illegal detention, beyond the 3 weeks. He also stated that it’s not a fight worth fighting. Chill. Can’t beat the system. Especially as an immigrant in a foreign country. I am just a guest here. Bedankt.

Super bedankt. Holland is home for me.

Not chill though, the predators (lawyers), that steal from the wounded, those in jams, those just trying to fix legit like the next guy.

Reminds me of this article. But most predators going after wounded animals are not rich assholes doing it for the sport. They are just trying to find some food to feed the family. Makes sense. And is chill. As long as everyones family can eat. I am OK with that. Super socialist at heart.

Mine isn’t eating right now. Eating a lot less at least from last year. A lot less. Not gonna break me, but come on, guys.

$2k is chill. $20k is not. Blacklisted in London. LOL. WTAF. U serious?

Who leaked that? Doesn’t matter that I post this shit either. Cause blacklisted in London, so lol, no options left I guess. I was exposed. It is what it is. Now I make music. Superchill for me.

But like herding cats, getting paid.

Love you Dad <3
rtnso. safe.

Respire (English translation)

Respire (English translation)
Artist: Mickey 3D
Song: Respire
Translations: Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, English #1, #2, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish #1, #2, Turkish
Requests: Dutch, Finnish, Icelandic

English translation
Versions: #1#2
Come closer little one and listen to me boy,
I will tell you the story of the human being
At the beginning there was nothing, at the beginning it was great
Then men arrived with their big boots
Kicks in the face to gain respect
One way roads he began to trace
Arrows in the plains multiplied
And all the elements saw themselves controlled
In 3 times 2 movements history was bent
Its not tomorrow that we’ll start going back
We even started polluting the desert
You need to breathe, and it’s nothing to say this.
You are not going to die of laughters, and its not nothing to say this.
In a few years time, we will have eaten the leaf.
And your grandchildren, they’ll only have one eye.
In the middle of their forehead and they’ll ask you
Why do you have 2 and you’ll pass as an idiot.
They’ll ask you how you could have let this happen?
As much as you try to defend yourself, explain to them in a whisper
It’s not my fault, its the fault of the ancestors.
But there won’t be anyone to wash your hands.
You will tell them the time where you could eat fruits in the grass, laying in the fields.
There were animals everywhere in the forest.
At the beginning of spring, birds were coming back.
You need to breathe, and it’s nothing to say this.
You are not going to die of laughters, and its not nothing to say this.
The worst in this story is that we are slaves.
Somehow assassins, here unable
To look at the trees without feeling guilty
Half defroqued, 100 percent miserable
So this is the story of the human being
Its not pretty pretty and i don’t know the end.
You’re not born in a cabbage but rather in a hole
That we fill everyday like a manure pit.